Getting started

The user interface

The xs:Analyzer main screen is divided into different sections.

main screen
  1. Schema outline and namespace list.
  2. Analysis and information display
  3. Property inspector
  4. Logging information
  5. Annotation information

Schema outline view

The schema outline displays all declared constructs, including all constructs from the xml schema namespace ( used in the loaded schema grouped by the type of the construct.

Namespace list

The namespace list gives information about the declared namespaces of the loaded schema.

Analysis and information view

This section shows all results of analysis efforts. For more information please refer to the different tool descriptions:

  • Type usage and unused type analysis
  • Similar types analysis

Property inspector

The property inspector provides a brief description of the main properties of the currently selected schema element including e.g. the given (local) name, the namespace and the extension mechanism as appropriate.

Annotation information

The annotation view gives access to provided schema annotations like documentation or appinfo.

Logging information

The logging view provides information about occurring errors during schema analysis operations as well as programm internal errors.